Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK

Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK is the sales and marketing organisation responsible for all Daimler Truck products in the UK – including FUSO light-duty trucks – and will be exhibiting its portfolio of services at the Microlise Transport Conference 2024.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides operators with a comprehensive range of efficient and safe goods vehicles, from the all-electric eActros, to the five-star Direct Vision Standard rated Econic. Our franchised Dealer network enables operators to focus on their businesses; providing finance, consulting on electric vehicle infrastructure, managing maintenance and maximising uptime.

With Mercedes-Benz trucks, the connected vehicle is just the start.  With TruckLive, unveiling shortly, operators can expect to benefit from a range of digital solutions, seamless connectivity, flash over-the-air updates, dynamic route guidance including live traffic updates, and improved planning with efficient maintenance management.  The portfolio of TruckLive services will in the future also include S24h+ with our remote diagnosis feature that will provide technicians with problem indications, enhancing their preparedness. With GPS positioning, expect quicker response times and precise vehicle location, ensuring prompt assistance.

Our premium range of innovative trucks – Actros, Arocs, Atego, Econic and Unimog – draw upon more than 125 years of exceptionally high-quality standards, backed up by our promise of Trucks You Can Trust.

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