Zebra Technologies - Visibility That's Visionary

Zebra Technologies allows you to
continually advance your Transport &
Logistics processes by maximising the
speed, accuracy and efficiency of each
shipment, every step of the way.
With labelling, data capture,
locationing, fleet management and
delivery solutions, Zebra gives you
visibility into the location, health and
performance of each asset, package and
worker within your supply chain.
Logistics companies, freight, parcel
and postal organisations rely on
Zebra technology to support efficient
Shipping, Tracking, Route Optimisation,
Scheduling and Proof of Pickup and

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Zebra Technologies and Microlise – partnering with solutions to benefit the Transport and Logistics industries

Zebra Technologies and Microlise have enjoyed a successful partnership for over 20 years – we are pleased to be supporting this event again in 2018

John Porter, Zebra

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