EXPERT VIEW: iSquares - Are your assets “drivers” protected and connected? - Microlise Transport Conference 2021

EXPERT VIEW: iSquares – Are your assets “drivers” protected and connected?

Every day, people die needlessly because those first at the scene of a traffic collision lack the skills and knowledge to provide an effective response. June Powell of iSquares tells us why it doesn’t have to be like this. 

It is vital at the scene of any accident that the emergency services have immediate access to critical health information, as this could mean life or death for the individual they are treating. Because what happens if that person is a diabetic, or allergic to certain medication, what about religious preferences, which are ever more prevalent in our multi-cultural society and would you know whether the individual you are treating is pregnant? Not least who to contact in case of an emergency?

The list is endless and with the current statistics showing that more than 3.7 million people in the UK have diabetes, these figures are only going to increase and that’s just in one medical area.

Traffic congestion costs the UK more than £16 billion per year and it is critical to the UK economy that we keep our roads moving – over 600,000 vocational drivers using our roads every day. How confident are we that our most important asset ‘our drivers’ are being looked after? Would you know their medical history quickly and when it matters?

The digital era is now firmly a part of the logistics sector and we’re being told how digitalisation is transforming transport and shaping the future. We hear constantly about how important it is to have a fleet management solution promising to improve efficiency, driver behavior, provide proof of delivery and real time tracking. In fact we’ll all hear more about these subjects today and all of this is vital to enable you to run an efficient, safe, environmentally friendly operation.

But my question is how many different applications are now necessary to run our businesses, and they are necessary, no one is questioning that, but how easy is it for you and your drivers to access everything you need? How many logins are we expected to use just to go about our daily business.

With these new developments, not to mention legislative requirements being introduced on a more regular basis, there is one question I am hearing more and more often and that is why with all of this technology can we not have everything in one place?

So why can’t we or is there an option out there?

iSquares gives you that option, not only does it provide your driver with a ‘life jacket’ connecting them to your organisation, it also negates the need for multiple logins by providing one platform to integrate everything you need to run a successful operation. By using cutting edge technology, which is impossible to counterfeit and is as unique as your fingerprint. We can connect you to your customer and protect what we believe is your most valuable asset. Your profile is completely customisable and you select what you want to display.

But most importantly use iSquares for peace of mind, be proactive and prepare for ….. what if!

Hear June speak, and outline the iSquares solution, at the Innovation Zone.



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