EXPERT VIEW: RTITB - Time for a Driver CPC Tech Refresh - Microlise Transport Conference 2021

EXPERT VIEW: RTITB – Time for a Driver CPC Tech Refresh

Since Driver CPC launched just under 10 years ago, we’ve seen a number of incredible innovations that have transformed society. E-commerce has made it easier than ever to get the items we need in just hours. Our once chunky mobile phones have evolved into powerful smartphones that rival the desktop computer. And we’re never alone with voice controlled at-home tech. But even with these advancements, Driver CPC is still largely in the dark technologically speaking – but this is about to change. RTITB Managing Director Laura Nelson reveals all in this Expert View. 

Ask any professional driver today about their experiences attending Driver CPC Periodic Training, and they can probably recount a course which would be described as antiquated – a huge volume of paperwork for instructors to complete taking their focus off delivering great training. It’s no wonder Driver CPC continues to be poorly received in many camps.

Like any other aspect of our industry, innovation is key to keeping Driver CPC fresh. RTITB has already made leaps and bounds with this, through the development of our current Periodic Training offering for training providers. Gone is death by PowerPoint and in is a mix of engaging and interactive quizzes, videos and games. In 2018, we’re taking this a step further, RTITB will be launching the first Driver CPC training administration app, a completely paperless solution that will streamline the DCPC administration process, benefitting both instructors and drivers. The app will almost totally eliminate the time required for course administration, meaning instructors can focus on providing the best training possible to drivers. Furthermore, they can reduce the amount of time that drivers spent “hanging around” for paperwork to be completed, making their training experience more positive.

The first training tool of its kind, the app will bring other useful features for users, including electronic scanning of driver ID and driver licences, automatically confirming eligibility and transferring all required driver data. Lost hours and errors will be eradicated – no more issues trying to decipher poor handwriting when back in the office! An online upload function will send verified course data directly to the DVSA Recording and Evidencing system at the simple tap of a button whilst feedback questionnaires will be emailed straight to the driver to capture their thoughts, making post course administration a task of the past and continuous improvement a simpler, more engaging process for the driver.

Every year, many drivers lose training hours that they have accrued through no fault of their own. Inaccurate administration of training results in wasted time and money for drivers and their employers. The MyRTITB DriverCPCFriend app will ensure that drivers and employers see the return they deserve for the time and money they’ve invested in Periodic Training.

Timekeeping is an important part of any Driver CPC Instructor’s day. MyRTITB DriverCPCFriend will assist Instructors by monitoring training time and notifying Instructors if they try to end a course before the required 7 hours have been completed. Automated alerts will also notify Instructors as to recommended break times and stop the clock whilst breaks are taking place, leaving the Instructor safe in the knowledge that their training complies with the duration requirements.

Finally Driver CPC will be taking a positive step in the right direction whilst improving the training experience for drivers. After all – they are the most important people.

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