Preventing HGV Use for Terrorism - Final Session Confirmed - Microlise Transport Conference 2021

Preventing HGV Use for Terrorism – Final Session Confirmed

Scott Gibbons, National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters

As events in a number of European cities have shown in recent years, HGVs and other commercial vehicles have the capability to inflict great damage and suffering when used to conduct terrorist acts. Powerful, large and heavy – an HGV is not easy to stop, and this has been used to devastating effect by those wishing to do harm.

It is the stuff of nightmare for operators, but what actions can be taken to tackle the risk? What is being done in the UK against this particular threat?

To address this important topic, Scott Gibbons of the National Counter Terrorism Policing Headquarters will be speaking at the Microlise Transport Conference. An officer in the Metropolitan Police Service for over 24 years, he has spent 14 of these as a firearms officer before taking up a post in counter-terrorism.

Post the attacks where a vehicle has been used as a weapon, Scott has been leading on this subject on behalf of the National Coordinator, Protect and Prepare, engaging with the transport industry and partners to jointly work on mitigating this threat.

In his conference address, Scott will deliver an update on the work taking place in terms of counter terrorism in the UK, to counter this growing threat. He will also provide a guide to the resources and information sources available to fleet operators to further help keep their drivers and vehicles safe.

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