Charlotte Porter


Product Manager

Charlotte joined Microlise in 2022 as a Product Manager for our OEM offering and Microlise Product Integration team.

BSc in Transport and Business Management. I have over five years’ experience working in commercial vehicle digital services where my focus is to create services which empower operators, enabling efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective operations. As Product Manager I am responsible for the strategic roadmap for Microlise Group product integration and our OEM solutions.

Microlise Group Integration: An introduction to Microlise Complete

The new Microlise Complete platform will offer a more coherent experience for Microlise customers, especially those with multiple products. Key aspects of the platform will include a single Microlise account that will give you access to all products; new features enabled by data sharing between the products; unified API management; and a central portal that will allow clients to easily manage licences, users and other shared aspects across products.

This presentation will look at how we are approaching this large programme of work, and what the aims and expectations are for the coming twelve months.