Debbie Hopkins


Debbie Hopkins is an Associate Professor in Human Geography at the University of Oxford. She currently leads a three-year project funded by the UKRI Economic and Social Research Council called ‘Trucking Lives: Making Space for People in Truck Driving Work’ which is investigating the everyday experiences of HGV drivers in the UK and the structures that sustain ways of working that might be sub-optimal for drivers and limiting the types of people who can become or remain HGV drivers. She has published widely on issues associated with transport decarbonisation, mobile work and sustainability transitions.

How can we improve HGV driver experiences?

Join us as we share the findings of the biggest ever survey of HGV drivers which shines a light on the everyday experiences of work and life amongst UK truck drivers. Dr Debbie Hopkins and Declan Pang will discuss the findings of the survey and the means to improve the experiences of UK truck drivers.