Graham Lackey


Originally from Surrey and a lifelong Spurs supporter, I entered the transport industry some 25 years ago having started my career in the FMCG sector and gained experience around the World and Europe in several Commercial roles.

In 2008 I joined Brit European as Managing Director and had the opportunity to complete an MBO early in 2021, being only the fourth person in the company’s history to hold the reins. This consistency and ability to take longer term decisions has guided us through many challenges and opportunities. 2024 is the company’s 100th anniversary and we proudly remain a privately owned family business.

Brit European - Vita Nova - ESG Showcase

Like many transport companies there is no lack of desire to decarbonize, but in many cases the opportunities to do it with the fleet on the road are practically limited at present when you have no ‘back to base operations’ and are running at full legal weight limits. I therefore challenged the team to find other ways to start the journey. The Vita Nova Centre was the result of that challenge. I asked them to build us an operating centre that was carbon neutral in its build, off grid in its operation and energy needs, but flexible enough to meet the ever-changing demands of logistics in the automotive sector.

Despite being recognized in the House of Commons for our efforts, we have never seen what we have built as a competitive advantage, but instead that our experiences and learnings should be shared with everyone in the industry, (competitor or not). Brit European taking the steps alone will not preserve the planet for the next generation, it will take a collective effort. If by sharing our successes, (and hard lessons), this helps the decarbonization process happen a little quicker surely this is the least our children would expect.