James Duffy


Co-Founder of Flare and Flare Aware

James joined Microlise in 2023 following the acquisition of Flare where he was COO and Co-founder. Following 7 years of development, learn how Flare’s advanced detection algorithms can significantly increase safety whilst reducing the risk of collisions with vulnerable road users such as cyclists and E-scooters.

With Flare’s cutting-edge technology, you can also detect low bridges, revolutionizing your fleet’s safety and saving on insurance premiums.

Flare, Flare Aware and Driver Hazard Warning

Discover how Flare and Flare Aware revolutionise safety protocols across industries. Flare streamlines safety procedures with incident management, risk assessment, and compliance monitoring. Flare Aware extends safety awareness to drivers through real-time alerts and location-based notifications of vulnerable road users. Explore case studies showcasing Flare’s efficacy and glimpse into future innovations reshaping safety management.