John Granby


John is the Head of Sales for Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks.

He has 23 years successful automotive experience and has held numerous senior positions in the industry in the UK and Ireland, and mainland Europe.

Having formerly owned and sold a successful temperature-controlled food manufacturing and distribution business, John learned the OEM side of the LGV and HGV industries, with ten years in various Volkswagen Group companies – the last seven before he joined Tevva at both MAN Truck and Bus, and Scania.

Alternative Fuel Future Panel

The alternative fuel future panel discussion aims to explore the benefits and challenges of transitioning to alternative fuels for transport operators, in order to reach the net zero target. The panel will include OEM’s (Tevva & HVS) and operators (DHL), discussing various types of alternative fuels, including electric and hydrogen, and their potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.