Marc Fels


Marc is a specialist recruiter in the HGV sector, focusing on permanent and temporary placements across most sectors since 2010.

Marc co-founded Truckstars to offer operators a dynamic and transparent solution to temporary driver needs, with particular focus on short-notice fulfilment.

As well as being an established recruiter, Marc is a leading market commentator, regularly posting thought-content across social media and commenting on the industry on TV. During the last driver crisis Marc appeared on Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, GB news, LBC and LBC news.


Expert view:

Undoubtedly, the transport and logistics sector has faced significant challenges in the past 12 months since the last Microlise conference.

The economy has taken a hit and, unfortunately, we’ve all witnessed reports of transport companies and recruitment agencies closing due to plummeting demand. Clients we’ve spoken to have reported Christmas 2023 volumes as low as those seen in the tough economic times of 2008.

Yet despite this low demand, it was only few years ago, in 2021, when we experienced the most severe driver crisis of a generation. People were queuing for petrol for hours and supermarket shelves were left bare. This crisis was exacerbated by insufficient driver training during the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in IR35 legislation, and the collision of Brexit and COVID-19, resulting in a mass exodus of foreign labour.

In response, the government launched skills bootcamps nationwide to train thousands of new HGV drivers and address the shortage.

Adding to the challenges, just as we emerged from lockdowns and COVID-19 outbreaks, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to inflationary pressures and escalating costs, further dampening demand and stalling economic growth.

While the industry sought assistance and the government responded with bootcamps, many newly trained drivers struggled to find work amidst reduced demand and stiff competition from experienced drivers.

In summary, the market has witnessed cycles of scarcity and abundance of available drivers, making the last few years tough for all involved.

However, amidst these challenges, there are signs of optimism. To improve the economy, we need to increase disposable income. Two factors point to this: the energy price cap coming in April, coupled with reduced gas usage as spring approaches, and a levelling off of inflation.

These factors should inject more money into households, leading to increased spending and greater demand for goods to be delivered. With Easter approaching early this year, we anticipate a pickup in industry activity.

Increased demand will necessitate more drivers, presenting the usual challenges of finding reliable and compliant HGV drivers.

Truckstars offers a dynamic and transparent solution to temporary driver needs, with a focus on short notice fulfilment. Our platform provides driver tracking, compliance monitoring, driver rating, and passporting, allowing you to use drivers across multiple sites with complete records of their previous work.

We welcome the opportunity to show you the platform in action. Please visit us at Stand CX7.

For further details please feel free to contact Marc Fels, Truckstars New business development director on / 07967 198027.

The HGV Driver market: Now and the Next 6 Months

Marc will focus on the current HGV market and his views of the market moving forward.

He will also introduce how Truckstars can help transport and logistic businesses source drivers for more pressing temporary shift requirements