Marian Kitson


Marian became the Director of Enforcement for the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in September 2018. Marian is a member of DVSA Board and the Executive Committee and proudly supports the Agency’s vision to keep Britian moving safely and sustainably.

As Director, Marian has built a clear and ambitious strategy to focus on the enforcement of road safety standards for England, Scotland and Wales and has primary accountability for the DVSA strategic theme “protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles “.   Marian also chairs a multi-agency strategic road safety partnership group commissioning initiatives.

With 1100 highly motivated professional colleagues covering the whole country Marian leads teams who focus on improving compliance with road safety standards and regulations across road transport. The teams deliver proportionate, risk based targeted compliance and enforcement interventions including investigations and prosecutions supported by a dedicated intelligence function across GB and Non-GB commercial vehicles, drivers and operators, the MOT scheme and driver/rider instructors.

Marian has spent 30+ years upholding and enforcing standards in large organisations, leading strategic change, driving continuous improvement and delivering results all within complex regulatory frameworks.

The responsibilities of public service, ensuring the safety and maintaining the trust of the society we serve, are at the heart of Marian’s personal ethos. As an experienced coach and leadership mentor Marian enjoys working with individuals and teams to identify and nurture talent to harness potential. Alongside this, Marian is a “Respect Champion” who leads with positivity and inclusion, being a motivator with significant resilience to maintain clarity in critical environments and lead teams to overcome challenges and thrive.

DVSA - Director of Enforcement

1. DVSA Strategy and Vision; Keeping Britain moving Safely and Sustainably.
2. Supporting Compliant Operators.
3. DVSA Enforcement Strategy; Enable, React, Respond.