Richard Smith


Richard Smith’s career in transport and logistics has spanned over 30 years and has included working with several privately owned and third-party logistics businesses throughout the UK and Europe. 

Richard joined the RHA in 2017 initially to oversee a collective claim on behalf of UK-based commercial vehicle operators against the truck manufacturers involved in the Truck Cartel. 

He simultaneously led the development of several key areas of the business including membership, shop sales, training and support services making RHA a far more relevant and effective trade association that provides greater value to its members and the wider road transport community. 

Appointed Managing Director in 2021, Richard has continued to lead the introduction and delivery of RHA’s strategy which has encompassed rebranding, van, coach and individual membership offerings, and the introduction of a customs brokerage and two driving training schools. 

Richards strong emphasis on collaboration and stakeholder engagement has positively positioned the association as a trusted partner, enabling the organisation and its representatives to lead and represent industry across its many challenges. 

In July 2023, Richard was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Trade Association Forum and soon after appointed Chairman. 

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