Rishi Mehra


As sector vice president of Trimble Maps, Rishi Mehra is primarily responsible for overseeing the company’s mapping and navigation business, including our product brand CoPilot.

Rishi has been with Trimble since 2014 and previously served as a senior product manager and director of web products for ALK Technologies (now a part of the Trimble family). In that role, he led the product management and go-to-market activity for all web solutions globally and helped establish the commercial transportation-focused web digital platform within the organisation.


Expert view:

Expert View synopsis: In today’s demanding supply chain environment, ensuring the safe travel of professional drivers is paramount. With advanced navigation systems fleet operators can optimise routes, enhance driver safety, and streamline operations.

Written: Matt Conby

Job Title: Technical Solutions Director

Safety First: The role of professional navigation

In an era characterised by supply chain crises and escalating consumer demands, ensuring the safe and efficient travel and arrival of drivers is more crucial than ever before.

With over four-and-a-half million vans and more than 600,000 HGVs travelling on UK roads for work, there’s a sobering government statistic: approximately 40,000 of these vehicles experience collisions annually. These numbers paint a stark reality—being involved in a collision carries odds of just one in 500.

Consequently, the pressing question arises: how can fleet operators optimise their journeys to meet demand while prioritising safety? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, integrating technology stands out as a crucial step in improving safety measures.

More than just point-to-point navigation

Many navigational tools built for consumers fail to take into account the difficulties of navigating large vehicles laden with heavy loads and limited in their manoeuvrability. This oversight becomes especially apparent when directing drivers to locations such as warehouses, storefronts, distribution facilities, and rural areas. Not only are consumer navigation tools often inaccurate when it comes to these kinds of locations, but when a driver arrives, an entrance easily accessible to a car can be extremely dangerous for a large lorry.

Addressing this challenge, our enterprise-grade navigation, CoPilot and companion tool offers a solution. Fleet managers and dispatchers can create custom locations and gates by adding polygonal GPS perimeters—known as “geofences”—and vehicle-specific entry and exit points to the map data.  This customisation extends to include various attributes like operating hours, contact numbers, amenities, or additional notes for drivers upon arrival. CoPilot identifies these custom locations, directing drivers to designated gates and providing critical information, therefore reducing delays and avoiding dangerous manoeuvres upon arrival.

Avoid & Favour Roads

Professional drivers frequently encounter unforeseen challenges on the road, ranging from road closures and detours to complex routes that pose safety risks. In response, companies may opt to avoid certain routes entirely, especially those prone to flooding or featuring narrow roads. To address this, dispatchers and fleet managers require tools to incorporate such vital route information into their planning processes, minimising future challenges for drivers.

The “Avoid and Favour” feature is specially designed to help the back office focus on a specific section of a planned route and designate a preferred approach to that section and navigate a driver toward or away from it.

In the case of “Avoid,” the routing system will automatically avoid the road and prevent a driver from using it, while in the case of “Favour,” the driver will be directed toward the specified road. In both cases, comments can be added by managers to explain the exact reason behind the preference, which will display for anyone planning a route that might intersect with one of the designated roads or locations.

Expanding Navigation Capabilities

CoPilot is more than a navigation tool; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored for professional fleets, drivers, and the transport industry. Beyond providing turn-by-turn directions, its advanced features streamline fleet operations, enhance safety, and improve efficiency

If you are interested in finding out more, please speak to the team at booth S4 or visit CoPilotpro.com

Driving Efficiency from Office to In-Cab with CoPilot Commercial Navigation

Safely guiding your fleet and drivers requires more than just point-to-point navigation. That’s why CoPilot delivers a suite of back-office and driver tools that reduce unnecessary costs, limit out-of-route miles and decrease your fleet’s emissions. Join Rishi Mehra and Martyn Fisher as they steer you through this complete commercial navigation experience – showcasing how CoPilot’s enhanced capabilities with the suite of back-office tools enable you to customise, manage and share custom location and routing content with your fleet – helping your drivers navigate efficiently, minimise disruptions, and deliver exceptional service to your customers.