Russell Hornby


Blyth Automotive Solutions began life as Blyth Equipment supplying diagnostics and air-con solutions into the HGV market.

Over years the business has grown to now supply a big range of equipment from diagnostics, air-con, ADAS, bush kits, king pin presses, induction heaters and battery support.

From the equipment side of the business has arisen the training arm, over ten years ago. Specialising is training for HGV, bus, coach and trailer maintenance technicians.

One of our specialist areas is the IRTEC for mechanics and IRTE workshop accreditations.

IRTEC Licence Qualification

The IRTEC licence is a qualification developed for vehicle technicians in the HGV, PCV and trailer sectors. It is a nationally recognised certificate which demonstrates to any employer in the road transport industry that an inspection technician has reached a required standard to undertake vehicle inspections.

Technicians take an online test to assess their IRTEC licence underpinning knowledge. If successful, the candidate progresses to a practical skills test on their individual inspection technique. If the candidate passes both tests, they are awarded the IRTEC licence and are registered on the IRTE IRTEC register, for the duration of 5 years.