Your Road Trip As If It Was A Flight

To minimise the risk of theft or robbery when transporting high-value goods, we at Multiprotexion ensure that the same high standards and exacting approach used by aviation security are also applied to the world of road transport.

Our TELEMATIC ESCORT® system allows the creation of a ‘flight plan’ that is meticulously crafted with security in mind. The process of automatic progress notifications to customers, carriers and our ARC security system begins before a vehicle even leaves the loading area, following the progress of pre-travel checks of all on-board security systems to ensure that any faults are detected and corrected during loading.

In the same way that no plane leaves the runway without authorisation from air traffic control that their route is safe, the route that a driver will take is shared between their traffic office and our ARC security system for review. ARC will conduct a full risk assessment and either certify the security of the proposed route or propose a new one based on current intelligence and experience with the areas the route will cover.

To ensure maximum security for both vehicle and goods in transit, any long breaks must be pre-arranged and taken at previously agreed rest areas. ARC will then help the driver act to protect themselves, their vehicle, and the goods being transported – as once the vehicle stops to rest, it cannot be restarted without verification with ARC and a remote authorisation.

While the human at the centre of any form of transport (air, rail or road) is the most important element of a successful and safe journey, they can also form the weakest link in the chain of security. Any human, no matter how well experienced or highly trained, can make a simple mistake which is beyond the scope of even the best on-board security system. This makes training on systems, procedures and most importantly on prevention activities key to ensuring safe and productive route executions.

Once preliminary checks are completed, the driver asks for departure authorisation and their trip will begin in TELEMATIC ESCORT® under the control and monitoring of the ARC security system. As any pilot can reduce their own risk of error by handing over control to their on-board autopilot, the truck driver can also then securely hand over control to ARC, which will take over managing the security system of the vehicle, blocking any interaction between the security system and the driver and leave him to focus on the road until they arrive safely at their ‘landing’ destination.

Any event or alarm triggered during execution of the route is immediately managed by the ARC, which will activate security procedures and ensure communications are opened between the driver, their transport office and (optionally) the customer to ensure that the vehicle remains protected. In the event of a direct attack on a vehicle managed by ARC, the vehicle self-protect himself, the engine will automatically stop without the need for driver involvement, limiting loss or damage to goods and preventing vehicle theft.

Once a trip is over, the driver contacts ARC to verify that they have arrived at their destination. This will begin a last round of security checks, allowing ARC to take the vehicle out of TELEMATIC ESCORT® mode and return control of the vehicle security systems to the driver, enabling them to successfully complete their journey and go about their unloading operations. Each trip then ends with an ARC travel report, communicating the driver’s success and safe arrival to the concerned parties to allow complete peace of mind.

We at Multiprotexion follow over 250 ‘flights’ with TELEMATIC ESCORT® every day. We hope that you will travel with us soon, and always ‘land’ safely!

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